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How’s Mommying?

Often, society describes Motherhood as a process of raising smaller humans to be ready for the world. Unlike a career, there are no guidelines and policies in place to maintain order or provide steps and instructions. Evidently, research shows that Motherhood is not only life changing, but negatively and positively conflicting For Women. But, on what standard should a mothers decision and choices during motherhood be individually consequential? What uncontrolled circumstances impact the experience? As a mother, I believe it is time to discuss the beauty and the beast of the reality in rasing children in the 20th Century. I am certain Things have changed overtime. Shouldn’t the stereotypes and general perception of it change as well? Straight from the horses mouth, tune in the topics, and let’s talk about what really needs to be said!

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+Parental Support/relationships
+Career VS Children
+Environmental Influence
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